Dr. Stacy Kim Johnston
(619) 778-7215
501 W Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101
DIVORCE MEDIATION: Designed to educate divorcing spouses and help them navigate all the court required decision points that will need to be mutually agreed upon in order to obtain an uncontested divorce including custody arrangements and division of property and assets. Upon agreement on all relevant issues, spouses will each receive an M.O.U. Memorandum of Understanding that can be presented to the judge. This specialized service is designed to avoid the cost of two separate attorneys and long, drawn out divorce proceedings. I treat each client as a respected individual and take a humanistic, psycho-educational, coach like approach. I strongly believe that every human being has inner strengths, some unrecognized, and that exploring and building upon these strengths versus focusing on pathology, is what can lead individuals to a more balanced life rich with happiness and fulfillment. I personally strive to live each day in a meaningful way and look forward to helping others do the same and take a humanistic, psycho educational, coach like approach. Specialty areas include Divorce mediation, Marital and Couples counseling, Co parenting, Anger management, Communication skills and building self esteem. Read More
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